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COTI Interface

An interface COTI between authoring and translation memory systems is planned. The specification may be downloaded from this page and commented.

The association has produced a specification to a common interface for data exchange between authoring systems and translation memory systems (COmmon Translation Interface, COTI).

Except for proprietary or project-specific interfaces between individual systems, there exists no relevant standard to regulate this data exchange. The members of the association want to give their customers the freedom to work with the translation system of their choice.

The linguistic diversity in the markets of export land Germany continues to grow and the times-to-market in the era of Industry 4.0 continually shorten. The documentation departments of the companies are under pressure to deliver and administer qualitatively high-value translations in ever shorter intervals. The automatic data exchange between authoring systems and translation management systems eliminates a source of error in the translation train and enormously simplifies the administration of the linguistic diversity, since translation jobs can be directly and automatically exchanged between the authoring system and the translation memory system.

The founding members of DERCOM have committed themselves to integrate this new standard COTI in their respective solutions.

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