DERCOM's top board members, Carl Pfeffer and Sebastian Göttel, talk about future opportunities for the industry in a double interview.

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DERCOM Chairman Stefan Freisler talked about COTI, the Common Translation Interface, in an interview with tekom.  intelligent-information.blog


April 2017 - DERCOM has elected: Once again, members from the Association of German Editorial and Content Management System Manufacturers have appointed Stefan Freisler and Henning Mallok to the board. Freisler, managing director of Schema GmbH, will serve as the association's executive director, and Henning Mallok, sales manager of the gds Group, as his deputy. The position of treasurer will be held by Norbert Klinnert of Noxum GmbH. As in the previous year, the re-elected board would like to inform about developments in the field of technical editing and advocate the establishment of standards [....].

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Dynamic adaptation to user roles, work tasks and application contexts: The new data delivery standard iiRDS (Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard) prepares technical information for the user in a standardized way - regardless of the originator or the end device used. The Association of German Editorial and Content Management System Manufacturers (DERCOM) co-developed the new standard for intelligent information together with a working group of representatives from industry, research and education [...]

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Automated workflows, smooth information flow, efficient documentation processes: The importance of software solutions in technical editing is growing. However, due to a lack of standards, a veritable proliferation of interfaces has emerged that hinders the exchange of data between different systems. Stefan Freisler, Chairman of the Board of the Association of German Editing and Content Management System Manufacturers (DERCOM), will shed light on this problem in a presentation on November 10 at the tekom Annual Conference in Stuttgart. In this context, Freisler will also present COTI, the association's Common Translation Interface.


The "Association of German Editing and Content Management System Manufacturers e.V." (DERCOM) presents a new version of its Common Translation Interface (COTI). The release COTI 1.1 offers improvements in the areas of Web Services and Description Language as well as in the use of file attachments. The updated standard interface is available for free download at  www.dercom.de .


Seven companies have joined forces to form the "Verband deutscher Redaktions- und Content Management System Hersteller e.V.", or Dercom for short, whose aim is to regularly inform the public about emerging trends, technical issues or other standards in the field of editorial and content management systems. [...]

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